Efter midsommaren

Jisses vad jag har firat midsommar!!!

Det har varit roligt och iiintensivt. Nu får man ta och vila upp sig ett par dagar...

Klicka på den första bilden för att se hur det gick i dragkampen efter "Bro bro Breja, Har du tagit prästens sko". For you nonswedish people: "Bridge bridge Breja, Have you taken the shoe of a priest" is a sing- and dancegame where you dance around the midsummerpole and get caught by two people, and they toss you about and when you are all dizzy they say two words and you have to choose one of the words, and by doing that you have chosen one of the two person who tossed you about. And you stand behind that person. And now you have to wait until everyone has been caught, tossed about and chosen team. And then you have a pullfight. And one of the two teams win. I guess the team that looses symbolize the person who took the priests shoe, and the fall in the pullfight is the punishment. Because it´s wrong to take someone elses shoe. Important lesson.



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