Jag fick ett mail från en masajby i Kenya

När jag och Charlie var i Kenya så träffade vi Beatrice Chili.
En fantastisk tjej som kämpar för byns överlevnad och för kvinnors och barns rättigheter. Inte helt lätt när man bor i en masajby.

Idag fick jag ett mail från Beatrice och genast slås jag av hur olika våra liv är. Själv skickade jag just iväg min son till hans första dag på högstadiet. Det är inte utan att det suckas och stönas lite över att behöva börja skolan igen efter sommarlovet. Samtidigt, i en annan del av världen, längtar barnen efter att skolan ska börja igen, för annars får de ingen mat. Varsågoda och läs:

hello my dear friend
i hope fine back there, is so great to say a word of jambo to you and family. same applies to me and my community in the village.

The big trouble is about fight and tribal fight whereby every pastrolist community want to take control of the only secured section of green pasture and water point. And finally these result to fight among the pastrol community, somali have been the most threat to our pastrolist just because they own guns,

In time of drought samburu pastrolist move to the far east of the country near to the somali boarder has it is the only preserve places when there is enough grass. Somalis since the also get affected by the drought they move towards west and these result two of this pastrolist communitymeet into these long term preserve place. The tribal fight has been there since when our ancestors where doing pastrol activity, so it is so hard to take control of these from the local people.

The government have bring small impact by creation of peace campaign through projects like peace caravan that goes to personal community to preach peace and the importants of it. Other things is about hunger i have tried this to my community. whereby i have always shared the small food i have in my nursery school with my community members in my village as i know the situation back in there family house.

Food has been another vital subject that attract kids to school. If no food no kids to school. i have been using this has my pricipal to make sure all my local kids come to school. Since we are now in a holiday the last day of closing my nursery i shared all the remaining foood to every member of the family community to make sure even if is a period of a one week my kids can get something to eat. And the rest of the remaing week they can survive until the opening of the school. It use to happen during the school running days due to hunger families queu by the school to see if any food remaing from the kids for them to get a share has they suffer with hunger back in their houses. even now we are in holiday with alot of hunger no food to the kids, early september we are opening the

regards to my entire community 
hope to hear from you.
with much love from


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