Mail från Kenya

Det kom ännu ett mail från Kenya.
Beatrice berättar om hur läget ser ut för hennes by. Efter att ha läst mailet känner jag att jag ska sluta gnälla över långsamt internet och priset på gympaskor...

Här är mailet:

Hello Jenny
Its another time again for me to say hello to you Jenny. Everything here is quite ok only that we are facing alot of other challenges in life that being drought and starvation this is in staying long without food. Food commodities are crazy expensive yet we live one dollar a day let me tell you things are eally getting mad without what to do. Livestock which is the main economical main stay here are dying in serious note.
Samburu people who are living here are really facing a tsunami in form of hunger/starvation and diseases. For the last five days we lost two elderly and three children due to lack of food and water. I know this may not sound nice but this is what happening within the locality. This part of the country is known to experience this but looks different anyway this way just to shed you a bit of light on the current situation within and out of my local area and upper north eastern parts of Kenya.
I would like to tank you for your generocity for our entire community people this shows your concerns and heart felt furthermore living away from us. But we need your prayers too. Say hello to your family. Hope to hear from you.


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